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Description :

Accumulation Rollers are used to hold or buffer products into areas such as merges, sortation or palletizers. These rollers allow goods stop and accumulate on the conveyor line without stopping the conveyor drive. The AIROLL 60.3 Diameter Accumulation Conveyor Rollers are ideally suited to convey Pallets, Containers or Cardboards.

Product Technical Data

  • Application: Pallets, Containers or Cardboards
  • Features: Bears medium and heavy loads, Durable
  • Tube: Dia 60.3 x 1.6 thickness Mild Steel – Zinc Plating, Stainless Steel - Polished
  • Shaft Material: Dia 15mm Mild Steel – Zinc Plating, Stainless Steel
  • Bearing Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing permanently sealed in pressed Metal Cap Bearing Housing
  • Sprocket : 1/2" – 13 Teeth Dual Row Sprocket | 1/2" – 14 Teeth Dual Row Sprocket
  • Sprocket Material: EN8 | Stainless Steel
  • Shaft Installation Type:Male Thread
  • Load Bearing : Upto 65kg

Media :

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Accumulation Conveyor Rollers

Airoll understands the significance to monitor and check quality of products during the process precisely. Hence, we offer robust Accumulation Conveyor Rollers to ensure precision in quality checks and controlling of products for clients. The rate of the flow in the production process is key differentiator of these conveyor rollers. Unlike the other types of conveyor system, the accumulation conveyor roller operates automatically to offer convenient accessibility. We utilize various sensors, brakes and other applications to make the movement of this type of conveyor effective. The improved automation of these material solutions make them favourable for robotic palletizers, sorters, and merges. Get in touch with us to know the in-depth application of these conveyor rollers!

Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket

Benefits of Accumulation Conveyor Rollers

Examining products while they are being transported in the production is a must for many organizations. This is where we bring the automated and properly designed Accumulation Conveyor Rollers known for their mechanism. From controlling the speed of the boxes, cartons or any other material to assure smooth functioning, this conveyor application is a must add-on to the workstation. Accumulation Conveyor Rollers is appropriate for your company’s production process, if it needs to be checked or controlled frequently. Airoll utilizes the best controlling factors in these material solutions to make your work flow improved and accurate. We have instilled modern and tech-savvy accumulation conveyor methods in this conveyor system to make movement of material glitch-free.


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