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Description :

Gravity Roller Conveyors are perfect for applications in need of an economical, non-powered mode for conveying material. The conveyors are usually mounted on a slight decline angle. This allows the use of gravity to assist product movement, especially for long distances. There is no in-built drive in the system and it relies just on gravity (via slope) or a manual push for moving the goods. They are highly adaptable, robust, yet simple.

  • They are excellent for both permanent and temporary conveyor lines
  • Applications : production lines, warehouses, shipping departments and assembly areas.
  • Gravity Roller Curves and spurs add to the versatility of straight conveyors.
  • Gravity roller conveyors are a cost-effective solution for transporting goods and materials throughout the complete production process.

Media :

Light Duty Gravity Roller Conveyors Dia 40 Download
Gravity Roller Conveyor (Medium Duty Dia 50mm) Download
Medium Duty Gravity Roller Conveyors Dia 60 Download
Gravity Roller Conveyor (Heavy Duty) Download
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Gravity Roller Conveyor

Airoll is a major supplier of conveyor rollers, pallet racks, storage beds, and material-handling solutions in India that markets its products internationally. We are committed to manufacturing conveying units and their parts of the highest quality for internal logistics, packaging, food processing, retailing, distribution, and production industries.

The company is headquartered in Pune (the state of Maharashtra) and introduces its conveying systems to the international arena. Our team is comprised of consummate professionals who are responsible for testing, assembling, and providing you with finished conveyor systems and rollers according to your needs and industry requirements. Driven by the idea of delivering innovative handling solutions at affordable prices, Airoll is here to encourage considerable growth for your business. We have already managed to make a name for ourselves as the company that combines know-how and practicality within its product lineup.