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Gravity Rollers

Chain Driven Roller

      We at Airoll manufacture a wide range of Conveyor Rollers that includes light duty PVC gravity rollers to the heavy duty pallet handling rollers. The materials which we used in manufacture the Conveyor Rollers are of various types which consists PVC, Mild Steel, Galvanized or Zinc Plated and Stainless Steel.
          We provide gravity rollers of various shaft sizes with the diameters of 12mm to 14mm. We have capacity to produce single Gravity Roller to thousands of conveyor rollers at a given time for all type Gravity Conveyor or Conveyor Chute.

    Airoll leading name conveyor equipment industry manufactures a wide range of material handling Equipments. Chain driven roller, also known as Powerised Roller are used to handle and carry heavy load items despite of any condition.  The sturdy and robust make of our rollers make them highly efficient for every industry.
      Our specialized chain driven roller have a capacity to carry small to heavy weighed materials upto200 Kgs per roller  and the team takes care of developing and installing chain driven rollers.
      Airoll lays out a varied range of Rollers suitable for low, medium and heavy duty performance. Made with premium grade materials,